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I'd be curios to hear how people are tracking conditions (e.g., eczema) and things like bruises. My daughter goes in and out of eczema attacks and it's be interested to look at them over time to see if there are correlations to anything.

Could just add note but wondered if there were activities set up already for conditions and/or injuries.

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  • AdminBirdhouse Owl (The Wise One, Birdhouse) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Great question!
    Perhaps some of the community will chime in here to share their techniques?

    We do have activities already set up for tracking many injury and symptoms. In order to access them, you just need to start using them and they will personalize based on your needs as you try it out.
    Please reach out if you need any specific guidance, just like you did. :)

    Each time you notice an occurrence or outbreak of Eczema (or another important symptom/condition)
    - Add a new activity > choose Something Else > enter Eczema
    - Description: enter the severity [mild, medium, severe]
    - Notes: specify where the outbreak is occurring and perhaps some other details for future reference

    This will help you see any trends in how the Eczema is improving or worsening, perhaps different on some days than others, or whether it comes and goes in waves or any other sort of pattern.

    To get even more insight:
    - Start logging other types of activities alongside those outbreaks, ideally on a daily basis. If you have an idea for what could be contributing to them, all the better.

    For example:
    For some individuals, Eczema is linked to diet. So you may find it helpful to add Food activities at mealtimes, with the details of what is being eaten. Or perhaps you want to determine if the Eczema is in response to a dairy or egg allergy, in which case you'd log only those instances where dairy or egg products are consumed.

    Over time, it will become apparent if there are any correlations between diet and Eczema outbreaks by looking through your Birdhouse timeline or visualizing it in the Reports section.

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