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can't seem to do much on the mobile app version compared to desktop website version

i'm a newbie so please forgive me if i have missed out features.. but I just found the mobile app version missing a lot of the features available on the desktop website version even as a premium user.
like unable to check if scheduled medication has been given, or seeing reports, and etc. And there's no 'more' tab, or other option tab that allows me to go to other sections/features available on desktop version birdhouse, like profile, export data and etc.
..which also reminds me.. is there option to export data in different formats other than csv? not sure what to do with csv data, when i just need a visual graph printed, or was expecting to download more of a user-friendly document? (can I print the graph at all?)
..Also, the site is really lagging when I try to click from one menu to another (one of the activity to report or therapists and vice versa)

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  • AdminBirdhouse Owl (The Wise One, Birdhouse) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Linda,

    A whole bunch of good questions here;
    The mobile app is definitely more limited than the web version; it is currently designed to be complementary and for them to work together, where the mobile app focuses on features that are really needed on-the-go throughout the day and the web/desktop version allows you to do more planning/management items.

    You are using Birdhouse Premium, so you should be able to see the scheduled medications, and even swipe them to mark them off as complete when they have been given. They should be showing up on the Activity feed. Are they missing? Do you see the Activity feed at all?

    Reports is a brand new feature in it's very first version. It is not available in the mobile app, and unfortunately you cannot export the charts yet (but it's definitely on our list).

    Next up on our list is for you to view and manage your Nutrition and Therapy items in the mobile app. Then there will be Profile info and a lot of other goodies coming.

    Right now CSV export is the only type we offer, which, in case you weren't sure, is just a spreadsheet. This way people can always get all of their data out of Birdhouse, and it is the most common format used for people to be able to do their own processing. As I mentioned, exporting graphs and such is on our list, but not yet available. You could probably just push print in the browser and print your screen with your graphs on them and then edit/crop the image, if you really wanted that before it was an available feature.

    Finally, I am really sorry you are experiencing so much lag. Some people do seem to be having quite a bit of that. We are actively working on that issue right now and we should have it fixed up and running super speedy very soon.

    I hope this helps :)

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