Share/Collaborate with your Team

Sharing is a wonderful thing, especially when what's being shared is important information regarding your child's well-being with the people you trust. With Birdhouse you can choose to share the information from a child's Birdhouse profile with anyone else on your care team, and let them record new information for you to see. While they will be able to add new items, note that they will not be able to change or modify anything you post.

Whether it's with a spouse, partner, teacher, therapist, grandparent, caregiver, doctor, or any combination of those, sharing on Birdhouse means sharing the responsibility and improving the efficiency of managing care. And all of that leads to better outcomes for both parent and child, and everyone else involved.

Examples of how this feature can be used:
  • Teachers– post a note at the end of each day to a child's Activity page for the parent to see– include details about behavior, participation, or anything else you want to inform the parent about for that day.
  • Therapists– post a note at the end of each therapy session to keep a record of what was performed each day, how therapy is going in general, and to engage the parent(s) in the process.
  • Spouse / Co-parent / etc– Reference Birdhouse each morning before administering meds or supplements to be sure you aren't double-dosing, or skipping a dose. Similarly, each partner can contribute to ongoing observations and tracking of behaviors, moods, or anything else being paid attention to at any given time.

Here's how it will look in your Activity page when there are notes added by someone else. Notes without a name tag are items you've posted. 

In the web app, the picture of the person who posted a given note will appear next to every note they've posted. Hover over their picture to see their name. In the mobile apps, their name will appear just below each note they've posted.

Collaborating is a Premium feature, but if you'd like to test the waters and invite one other trusted person into your Birdhouse, we're happy to do that for you. As a Birdhouse Premium member, you can invite your whole team on board.

Here's how to invite someone:

Step 1: Have them create their own Birdhouse account. 
They'll be asked to create a child during the setup process-- just enter anything here, as once they're connected to your account and have access to your child's profile, they can get rid of the child profile they created during signup.

Step 2: Email us at with the name and email address of the team member you want to invite. Include the name of each child in your account that you'd like to give your team member access to.

What a team member CAN do:
  • Post new activities to the Activity page/screen of the child they have access to
  • See (but not edit) all activities posted to that child's Activities page/screen by anyone else
  • See child's profile information
  • Use the iPhone app and/or Android app
  • Use the web app
What a team member CANNOT do:
  • Edit or delete any activities that you've posted
  • Access or change any of your personal profile or account information
  • Invite others into your account
  • Delete your account or modify your account type
  • See or modify your billing information

If you have any other questions or feedback, or are looking for clarification or more details, please feel free to let us know.

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