Using Birdhouse for Sleep Disorders

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Krissy uses Birdhouse to track the sleep cycles of her daughter, Maia, who suffers from a sleeping disorder. However, it wasn't until Krissy began using Birdhouse, documenting Maia's irregular wake and sleep times each day, that her pediatrician started to take her seriously and realize that Maia needed extra help.

They got a referral to a neurologist in the area who ultimately diagnosed Maia with a sleeping disorder. The data that Krissy was keeping in Birdhouse proved invaluable during that process, and in fact, she acknowledges that she'd tried many times keeping these notes previously with pen and paper, but struggled to do it effectively and consistently. 

Krissy uses Birdhouse now, in conjunction with Maia's neurologist, to keep a daily record of the various sleep interventions she tries with Maia and to monitor the effects of those interventions.

Better yet, having an ongoing and organized record of all this data in one place will alleviate the headache of getting new doctors and specialists up to speed. Modern medicine is a great thing, and with Birdhouse here to tie it all together, we can make more progress in less time, which means everyone can sleep better at night!

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