What is Birdhouse for Autism?

Birdhouse for Autism is a web and mobile-based care management tool designed for parents and caregivers raising children with Autism to organize important information about their child's health, and coordinate that information amongst their team of therapists, teachers, and others.

Birdhouse offers a way to keep a daily journal of your child’s/children's daily activity, organize and keep track of medications, supplements, vitamins, and probiotics, medication histories and durations, frequencies, dosages, and prescribing doctors/clinics, and maintain a record of therapy types, schedules and therapist information.

Families use Birdhouse for all sorts of different purposes. Some use it simply to help them remember and keep track of medications and supplements. Others use it with their child's teacher to improve parent teacher communication. Families have even identified sleeping disorders and meltdown triggers by using Birdhouse.

Take a look at other ways families have used Birdhouse successfully.

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