How do I edit an activity I posted to my Activity page?


To edit an activity on your Activity page, hover over the item (or tap if using an iPad or other tablet) you wish to edit and click the small white box that appears. Edit the appropriate information, double check to make sure everything is accurate, and click “Save this Activity”.

Important note: Attempting to edit an incomplete recurring activity item in your Calendar will result in editing the original item as a whole, and will affect every Incomplete instance of that item in your Calendar. Only Complete recurring items can be edited individually.


To edit an activity on your Activity screen, swipe left to reveal "Edit" and "Delete" buttons. Tap "Edit", make any necessary changes, and tap the green "Edit Activity" button to save.

Important note: Viewing the Activity screen on the iPhone app is a Premium feature. For more information on Birdhouse Premium, click here or go to

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