Filter Your Child's Activities to See Correlations

These are your Filter Buttons. Clicking them will change the activities that are displayed in your feed. 

You can de-select the one(s) you’ve chosen by clicking it again, or you can click ‘All’, to return to viewing, well, all of them.

If you are a Birdhouse Premium user, you can click multiple at once, to compare 2 or 3 things. 

Birdhouse users on the Free plan can select one at a time, to see just the records for that Activity type.

Using the filter buttons can make it easier to see trends that can be surprising or validating. 
We like to click through periodically with the question, “Is there anything interesting that I can see here?…”

For example, by looking at poops alone you might immediately notice that they all happen right around the same time of day, and can then prepare accordingly to make things a bit easier. You might also notice when this changes and be alerted to something else going on that may be affecting his bowel movement cycles.

Another example would be to look at meltdowns, and compare them with Therapy or Nutrition or Sleep or Poop, to identify a trend or correlation. With that information, you could try adjusting things to see if you can reduce the severity or frequency of meltdowns, making everyone happier and healthier. 

We hope this is helpful.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, as always, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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