How to use Birdhouse to track food

This article is about *how* to track food on Birdhouse. If you're interested in *why* food tracking is important, take a peek at our blog post on food tracking.

Yes, you can! 

Birdhouse can be used to track your child’s food intake and even compare it to moods, meltdowns, and poop. This is really helpful for many families, because quite a few of our little ones struggle with various ingredients or food types, and trying different diets can be a challenging task. 

Use the “Food” activity type on web or smartphone to keep a searchable record of your child’s meals and snacks. This way, whenever you want, you can search for “cheese” and every time he ate cheese will be displayed, or simply click the Food button in the grey Activity Bar and everything he ever ate will be viewable without the clutter of other activities.

Here’s how to log foods: 

1. On the Activity page for the child whose food you want to track, click the green “Post a new activity” button.

2. Choose “Food” from the available list of activities., and if it isn't shown, just type it in.

3. Make sure the time is set correctly (it defaults to the current time), and then use the “Food” field to enter what your child ate. Each time you enter new foods, Birdhouse will remember those and suggest them to you so that food logging gets easier and easier the more you use it. If you'd like, add a note. Click “Post”. 


4. When you're looking for specific foods your child may have eaten, you can use the Search box in the pink bar to find it.

5. And if you want to see *only* the foods, or dietary infractions (however you're choosing to use the Food function, simply click the Food button in the grey Activity bar at the top of your activities and you'll see everything he ate for the week. You can also click "previous week" to see past weeks' food.

That’s it! And it’s even easier to do and stay on top of if you're using Birdhouse for iPhone or Android.

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