How to Add New Medications, Supplements, Vitamins, and Probiotics to your Birdhouse (Nutrition Page)

Keeping track of meds, supplements, vitamins, and probiotics your child is taking, or has ever taken, is crucial to providing the best care possible. Especially with kiddos like ours, whose considerations might change several times a year (or more), having a record on hand of everything that is being given, has ever been given, dosages, intervals, prescribing doctors, filling pharmacies, reasons prescribed, and dates and times, is invaluable.

These items are stored in your Nutrition page, and can be added on the website. (The ability to add new items via mobile is a Birdhouse Premium feature)

Step 1: Click the Nutrition tab on your Birdhouse web dashboard. This will bring you to the Nutrition page of whichever child's Activity page you were currently viewing.

Step 2: Click the green "Add a Nutrition" button to enter a new Medication, Supplement, Vitamin, Probiotic, or anything else.

Step 3: Enter as much information as you want to remember. 

For type, choose whether it's a Medication, Supplement, Vitamin, Probiotic, or something else.

For dosage, if you don't see the unit option you need, you can create it. In this case, Immulox is administered as an oral spray.

If it's something that recurs on a regular basis, check the "Recurring" box to open up more options. Birdhouse will remember the schedule for this item and push it to your child's Activity page each day and time he's meant to take it. Give it a Start Date and End Date, if applicable.

Include a note, for your own reference. This can be anything.

Step 4: Click the green "Create Nutrition" button. It will now appear in your Nutrition page alongside your child's other Nutrition items, and display its type, dosage, and schedule, for quick reference.

Additionally, it will appear on your child's Activity page according to the schedule you assigned to it. Simply hover your cursor over it, and mark it complete.

Step 5: When you click on the item in your child's Nutrition page, it will pop up with all the necessary information that you entered upon creating it.

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