Attach multimedia (picture/audio/video) to your notes

We know that attaching photos, videos and/or audio clips to your Birdhouse notes would be very helpful for some of you.

This is on our to-do list and something we are excited to work on. In the meantime, one way to achieve something similar would be as follows;
  1. Choose a service or app that will allow you to conveniently take the picture/video/audio you want and upload it somewhere on the internet that you can link to it. Our personal favorite is Evernote, which makes all of these options pretty easy and allows for public or private links. Google Drive also would work pretty well.
  2. When you have something you want to record in Birdhouse and attach multimedia, you would do 2 things - a) capture the picture/video/audio and then b) record the note in Birdhouse and put the link url to that file in the notes section of your Birdhouse note. 

This certainly isn’t the ideal scenario, but, until we can add this feature right into Birdhouse, it will allow you to keep the context of when something happened within all of your other notes and info in Birdhouse and also, if you need to see the associated multimedia item, you will have the link to the item stored right there so you can’t forget where you put it or which one it was, and you can then open it in a new window to provide the added information and context.

If you have more questions or would like us to help you get this type of thing set up and working for you, just shoot us a message at

If you have suggestions to share about how you made this work for you that might help others, please feel free to share in the comments here =>

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