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There are a lot of ways to set up the goals, depending on what exactly you want.
Below are instructions for what you might want, but feel free to tell us if there's something about it missing or that you don't like and we can help you get it right;

  1. On the web, go to the 'More' page
  2. Select 'Goals' in the Categories list
  3. Add each Goal you want. 
  4. You can assign a schedule for A) each time you want to work on it or B) each time you want to log a progress report, or neither.
  5. You can also setup email reminders and record your updates just by replying to those emails.
  6. Once you have your goals input, you can add an update anytime you want in the Notebook by adding a new Note, selecting the type Goals (or typing it into Something Else if you don't see it), typing the goal name as the description, and then your notes in the notes field.
  7. If you use the schedule, it will automatically show up in your Notebook schedule and you can just mark it complete if/when you want, then click on it to edit and add your notes to the notes field.
Once you've started using it, there are a number of ways to look back at your notes;
  • Go back to the Goals list on the More page and it will show the most recent updates for each of them right there
  • Search for Goals or a particular goal in the Notebook
  • Click the Goals link at the top of the Notebook to show just your updates
  • Go to the Reports page (I just added for you- still in testing), select a time period, Click on Goals and review your data. You can use Advanced Filters to see more, and you can Export just this info at the bottom.

Does that make sense?
It might help to try it out and see how it works and if it makes sense.
You can create a fake goal just to experiment with if it helps and then delete them when you're done.

Let us know what you think and if you have any questions.

We'd also love to hear how it's going for you as you get started.

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