How to figure out your child's sleep problems with Birdhouse

Step 1 - Are you recording the times they woke up and fell asleep?

This is the first and most important step.

You'd be surprised how different it is when you write them down than when you just try to keep it in your head.
*also, do you really need another thing to keep in your head ;)

Step 2 - Look at your notes after a few days

How are your notes? Accurate? Informative? Do you need to do something different to keep better notes?
(If you login on the web, we have a Reminders page that you can use to help with this)

What times did they go to bed?
What times did they wake up?

Is it consistent? Why not?
 - Consistency is the biggest factor in poor sleep. What can you do to make any of this more consistent, even if it's just a little bit better? Try that and then reflect again in a few days.

Did something else significant/different happen on the days where it was especially good or especially bad?
 - Add that to your notes, either on the Sleep item in the notes section, or give it's own note under the Note category.

Step 3 - Make some changes to what you're doing; big or small

Did they eat too soon before bed? Maybe they are eating something they shouldn't?

Maybe a better activity before bedtime? A book or story instead of YouTube, or even just adding it in as the last thing?

You know best. Go with your gut. Try what makes sense to you.

Step 4 - See how things go and seek more advice

How are things going with your strategy now that it's been a little bit of time?
Do you think you're in a better place than when you started? 
Maybe you just feel a little more in control, even if you haven't actually made any improvements, yet

Have you googled for suggestions online?
Have you talked to your doctor and/or therapist?

Always remember - You are not alone. Many people share your struggle and there is always hope, even when it might not be right in front of you just yet

Give it a try - You might be surprised

  • Commit to recording these notes for a few days
  • Plan on trying to evaluate them and improve your system
  • Then, after a bit, you can see if it's helping or what makes sense to do next

Questions? Not sure what to do next?

Email us and we'll point you in the right direction

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