How to use email to save notes

You have a lot going on in your day; sometimes it’s just not convenient or flexible to remember to record notes about your care in your Birdhouse app.

We created a feature called Smart Emails to help

You can email Birdhouse and it will save whatever notes you email

Here’s how:

Each person in your birdhouse gets their own special email address.
This is where you send the email to save the notes for that particular individual

*You can find this at the bottom of their Profile page
Save this address in your contacts under something like ‘Sophie’s Birdhouse'

Rules for emailing:

At the end of your subject, add #activity_type
Where ‘activity_type’ is whatever type you want to label the note
For example: #Food or #Mood or #Note or #Teachers Notes
The only thing from your subject line that will get saved is what you write after the #
tip - start with just one or two types to see how it works and make sure it’s consistent and easy

Whatever you write in the body will get saved as the description

Setting the date and time of your note
By default, the note will get saved for the date and time you send the email

If you want to set the date and/or time to something other than when you send the email, you can do that, too
(for example, if you’re writing notes from last night the following morning, you might want to say they were from last night, not the time of writing ;)
You must follow the rules for doing this explicitly, otherwise it will not work. A good idea is to test it to make sure you understand how it works; send something in and then check to see how it was saved and if it worked correctly. If not, re-read the instructions and try again. If you still can’t get it to work, forward the email you are sending to us at and tell us the problem you are having
If you fail to do this correctly, it will default to saving your notes to the date/time you send the email; they will always get saved and be in there, so you won’t lose them, and you can always go in and fix them manually later if you need

Rules for setting the date and/or time

1) Always put this as the last thing in the body of your email; it must come after the notes you want to save, so write your notes, and then follow these rules
2) Put a space after you notes, then @, then another space (the @ symbol indicates the start of the date/time info, so everything after that will be used for determining when it happened)
3) You can just skip entering a date if you want your notes for the current date; you can just enter the time
4) Enter the date in one of these 2 formats:
 - mm/dd/yyyy
 - yesterday (you can just type the word ‘yesterday’ if the note is for yesterday. all other days should have the format above.)
5) Put a blank space between the date and the time (if there’s not date, then just put the time following the @ with a space)
6) Enter the time in the following format: h:mm am/pm
(you must use the am or pm, and it must have a space after the time, and the time must be in 12hr format, not 24hr - we will be adding support for 24hr times at some point *sorry rest of the world; we do love you and care about you, we’re still working on it)


Just a simple note to save:
Subject: #note
Body: today some stuff happened

Recording notes from the teacher:
Subject: #Teachers Notes
Body: really great day at school today @ 4:30 pm

Recording what time they fell asleep:
Subject: #Fell Asleep
Body: @ yesterday 8:15 pm

Recording a gluten infraction from a few days ago:
Subject: #Food
Body: Cake at grandma’s birthday party @ 03/15/2016 2:00 pm

If you are using our Smart Reminders feature to get reminder emails, they tie directly into this system
(these are set up on the Reminders page from your web dashboard or right with any of your recurring items on the web)

Please share what you think, how you like it, and any tips or ways you use with the community so we can all get new ideas and learn from each other :)

We will be adding more options and more flexibility for more natural options so this is easier, but this is our starting point. We hope you like it.

If you are having trouble, or have questions, or would like to see support for something else, please email us at to bring it to our attention

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