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  1. Add a new recurring Nutrition item (medication, supplement, vitamin, probiotic, etc) to your child's Birdhouse

  2. Add New Nutrition, Medication, Therapies or Appointments from the iPhone or Android apps

  3. Add Weather activities to your Birdhouse

  4. Attach multimedia (picture/audio/video) to your notes

  5. Can I assign a duration to a Therapy item?

  6. Can I use Birdhouse for multiple children?

  7. Can I use Birdhouse to track food?

  8. Can my spouse, child’s therapist, teacher, doctor, caregiver, etc. join my account as well?

  9. Do I need an internet connection for Birdhouse to work?

  10. Email a report to someone

  11. Filter Your Child's Activities to See Correlations

  12. Getting enough sleep or too little? Good sleep or bad?

  13. How do I cancel/downgrade from Premium membership to free membership?

  14. How do I change my child's gender?

  15. How do I edit an activity I posted to my Activity page?

  16. How do Suggestions work?

  17. How to Add New Medications, Supplements, Vitamins, and Probiotics to your Birdhouse (Nutrition Page)

  18. How to figure out your child's sleep problems with Birdhouse

  19. How to reduce meltdowns by keeping a good journal

  20. How To Rename A Custom Category

  21. How To Track Doctor Appointments in Birdhouse

  22. How to track Goals - IEP, Therapy, General, etc - Birdhouse

  23. How to upgrade to Birdhouse Premium

  24. How to use Birdhouse to track food

  25. How to use email to save notes

  26. How to use or install Birdhouse on your iPad

  27. How to use Reminders

  28. I found a bug! Who can I report it to?

  29. I have ideas for how to make Birdhouse better. Who can I send them to?

  30. Is my information private?

  31. Keep a good seizure log

  32. Keeping notes about communication with parents and others about your students

  33. More coming soon...

  34. Print out your notes

  35. Print, Make a Report, Analyze your Data, or Otherwise Get your Information out of Birdhouse

  36. Recover Something You Deleted

  37. Refer A Friend & You Each Get A Free Month

  38. Remove a care profile

  39. Share/Collaborate with your Team

  40. Using Birdhouse for Medication, Mood, & Seizure Tracking

  41. Using Birdhouse for Sleep Disorders

  42. Using Birdhouse to Identify Meltdown Triggers

  43. Using Birdhouse to Track Poop

  44. What happened to... Get missing/other note types

  45. What is Birdhouse for Autism?

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